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    -Mr. James Wu, President

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    About LACC

    Latin American and Caribbean Center has been established to facilitate communication and the Latin American and Caribbean countries relations with China. We help our behalf, cooperation, promote and support all relevant Latin America in China, from the cultural, business, engineering, products and investments.

    We have Chinese and Latin American professionals to understand both cultures and business, this is a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary team a tremendous asset to promote Latin American and Caribbean countries in China during the approach.

    “The purpose of the Los Angeles Convention Center is to serve as a gathering space, open to the exchange of an innovative environment for dialogue and multiculturalism; a home for Latin Americans in China, will showcase their artists, to promote our country closer perspective, and announced himself as unique in Latin America – the common home of Caribbean culture in the People’s Republic of China. “

    -Mr. James Wu, President

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    What our clients say

    "Carmen, consul of the Peru consulate, Beijing, PRC" I wish LACC to become the Latin heart of Beijing

    July 24 /2013

    "Mario Vimiro Ruiz Embajador de Costa Rica en RPC"

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